At the Ontario Jiu Jitsu Association, we are committed to fostering talent and providing opportunities for junior athletes to excel in their sport. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce the Exceptional Junior Jiu Jitsu Athlete Program. This initiative aims to empower young athletes by allowing them to compete at an appropriate level of competition, even if it means moving up one or two age divisions.

Program Overview:

The Exceptional Junior Jiu Jitsu Athlete Program offers junior athletes the chance to compete at a level that matches their skills and abilities. Athletes accepted into the program will compete in the new age division for one season, with exceptions made for the National Championships, where they may compete in their correct division to qualify for the World Championships.

Application Process:

1. Download the application form from our website.

2. Fill out all sections of the form, including athlete information, parent/guardian information, and coach information.

3. Obtain signatures from the athlete, parent/guardian, and coach.

4. Submit the completed form to the Ontario Jiu Jitsu Association for review.

Approval Process:

1. The submitted applications will be reviewed by the Chief Official of the Ontario Jiu Jitsu Association.

2. The Chief Official will either recommend or not recommend the application to the Ontario Jiu Jitsu Association Board of Directors.

3. The Ontario Jiu Jitsu Association Board of Directors will make the final decision regarding the application.

4. Approved applicants will be notified accordingly.

Attached Form:

To apply for the Exceptional Junior Jiu Jitsu Athlete Program, please download and fill out the form attached to this blog post. Remember to complete all sections and obtain the necessary signatures before submitting your application.


The Exceptional Junior Jiu Jitsu Athlete Program is a testament to our dedication to supporting junior athletes in their athletic journey. By providing opportunities for growth and advancement, we aim to empower young athletes to reach their full potential. We look forward to welcoming a new generation of talented athletes into the program and witnessing their success on the mats.

Download the form here