The contest of Ju-Jitsu is a competition between two athletes with the intention of one’s victory over the other, in accordance to the current rules and regulations as set forth by the JJIF Contact Ju-Jitsu Committee. Contact Ju-Jitsu is a dynamic Ju-Jitsu competition style that uses striking technics, throwing technics and ground technics. The goal is to defeat your
opponent by TKO (Technical Knockout, as there are no strikes allowed to the head), submission or decision based on dominance. The 2023 “HEAD IMPACT FREE” rules are the safe progression from JJIF fighting system to full contact fights. The rules set “CONTACT JU- JITSU 2017 AIMAG evolution” are designed for experienced and adult athletes only, as it includes the possibility of Knock outs by head impact.


Contact Jiu-Jitsu 2023 (Head Impact Free) and CONTACT JU- JITSU 2017 AIMAG RULES